Global Language and Culture

Global Language and Culture (GLAC) was established in 2002 as a bridge between Australia and Japan.
We started as an international family with a love for both nations but soon realised that through teaching about Japan,
we could open a bigger world to the Australian society around us.

Not only was GLAC created to teach Japanese language, but to provide a cultural learning context that would give life to words, script and expressions learned.
We are eager to see humans communicating effectively with each other as culturally sensitive and flexible people. We want to produce world citizens.
It is also important for us to show the chain of connectedness of the myriad diverse cultures and languages of earth – starting with Japan.

Although the traditional core focus of GLAC has been Japanese language and culture education,
martial arts and homestay organisation for the Australian-Japanese market, we hope to connect with a larger world.
With your patronage and support, we will steadily become more global.


Stephen Grant   

Stephen has around 25 years language teaching experience, ranging from K-12 (public and private in Australia and Japan) to TAFE, WEA and university level in NSW. Stephen lived in Japan with his wife and children for ten years until 2002. During that time, he received black belts in two martial arts, studied calligraphy and was a respected member of the teaching team at the elite Tōkō Gakuen High School in Kawasaki City. As EFL Coordinator and responsible for the living English curriculum for Years 7 through 12, he taught English to Middle School and Senior School, ran English Club and taught homestay English in preparation for annual school trips to the USA.

Since returning to Australia, he developed a martial arts system that engages a wide range of young people. The syllabus requires not only martial arts skill but also an increasing level of Japanese language, Asian cultural awareness, social development and mentoring responsibilities. Stephen established the Japanese Cultural Society (JCS), based on the above system, and benefits of JCS activities were first recognised by the New South Wales Department of Education in 2005. He has been an accredited coach with the Martial Arts Industry Association since 2005.

Stephen was awarded the 2016 Outstanding Educator Award from the NSW Modern Language Teachers Association and was a Committee member throughout that year. An academic scholarship recipient during his undergraduate years, Stephen would later receive funding from the Japan Foundation to present at a national symposium at Melbourne University. Other professional contributions include seminar presentation for AIS.

As Head of Japanese at St Philip's Christian College (Port Stephens Campus) from 2011 to 2016, Stephen connected PDHPE with language through martial arts and worked passionately to see healthy house spirit as Housemaster at that campus until December 2016.

Since that time, Stephen has continued to work with NSW schools as a teacher of Language and Humanities as well as Careers. His evolving Careers advisory and consultancy roles are the successful culmination of many years in education and a vast variety of world (life) experience. Stephen enjoys eating out, art, design and language. Stephen listens to Folk Metal, late 80s and early 90s music. He loves teaching and is intrinsically motivated. His passion drives his work and vice versa. He is most interested in the long-term achievements of his students. He is dedicated to helping his individual students to overcome personal barriers the idea of helping them define, achieve and enjoy personal levels of success.

Mika Grant   

A native of Tōkyō, Mika has over 12 years of experience as a Japanese chef in Australia.
She holds a 2nd Dan in Shodō (brush calligraphy) and a teacher’s license in Sadō (Japanese tea ceremony).
She is the architect of Global Language and Culture programmes relating to Japanese food preparation, Shodō, Sadō and origami.
She has conducted cultural incursions into schools and has also taught Japanese in the Australian school system.
Mika enjoys eating out, loves animals and plants, and is interested in nutrition and home design.
She has an easy-going personality with a caring concern for all people.
She is committed to helping Australians appreciate Japanese culture and loves connecting Australia with Japan.