Global Language and Culture

Global Language and Culture (GLAC) was established in 2002 as a bridge between Australia and Japan.
We started as an international family with a love for both nations but soon realised that through teaching about Japan,
we could open a bigger world to the Australian society around us.

Not only was GLAC created to teach Japanese language, but to provide a cultural learning context that would give life to words, script and expressions learned.
We are eager to see humans communicating effectively with each other as culturally sensitive and flexible people. We want to produce world citizens.
It is also important for us to show the chain of connectedness of the myriad diverse cultures and languages of earth – starting with Japan.

Although the traditional core focus of GLAC has been Japanese language and culture education,
martial arts and homestay organisation for the Australian-Japanese market, we hope to connect with a larger world.
With your patronage and support, we will steadily become more global.