Martial Arts Testimonials

JASMINE University Student - Edgeworth NSW

"I first came into contact with GLAC when I was in year 5. Japanese was my favourite subject at school, so a few years later I began martial arts training. I really enjoyed it, and got my blue belt, but was too busy to continue. In 2016 I went back to language and martial arts training, and am glad I did! The language and culture knowledge are invaluable to anyone willing to take the time and effort to engage. I am looking forward to visiting Japan again, and would recommend GLAC to anyone with an interest in Japanese language and culture.”"

TORY Wingham NSW

"I started doing Shikishimakan as the sport skill I chose to do as part of my Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Even though I already have completed the allotted hours, I don’t want to stop my martial arts training. I have enjoyed Shikishimakan because it's challenging and encourages me to do better every time I go. Passing each grading and getting a new belt is very satisfying and has helped me gain confidence in myself as well as trust in the other people I train with.
Mr Grant has encouraged me to emerge from my shell and try new things. We not only learn karate. We also learn about another culture as well and this makes it different from a lot of other sports. Shikishimakan has a theory component that teaches us more about Japanese culture and language and reinforces the benefits of responsibility, discipline and respect of yourself, your leaders and others.
I find myself wanting to learn more and this has been a shock for my parents. I also enjoy the social aspect of the training session; it has helped me form new friendships. Overall, I have and will continue to enjoy Shikishimakan, along with the learning and building of solid bonds with everyone in our dojo, including our sensei Mr Grant."

SHANNON High School Student - Corlette NSW

"I first met Stephen Grant when I was in year 6 as he was my teacher for Japanese, and he would continue to be my teacher for another four years. Japanese was a subject that I highly enjoyed, and I took it a step further by joining martial arts, which I still continue today. Stephen was always encouraging in the classroom and believed we could all achieve our goals. Stephen gave us a sound understanding of Japanese, which we continued to build on every lesson. It was always engaging and every lesson created a new challenge, which pushed me to always do better. I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan with Stephen and other school students, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Martial arts has pushed my discipline and allowed my confidence to grow. It has improved my overall fitness and allowed me to improve leadership skills. Martial arts is a great tie in with Japanese, learning Japanese commands and the traditions of the dōjō. I am aiming for my black belt and am thankful for the wonderful support Stephen has shown to not only me along the way in this journey, but to other students in the dōjō as well. I am entirely grateful for his leadership and teachings that have helped shape who I am, I am eager to see the development in Shikishimakan. I highly encourage people who are interested in the rich and fascinating culture of Japan, Japanese language, and martial arts to enrol in Shikishimakan. You will receive invaluable teaching from Stephen Grant."