School Visits Testimonials

NATALIE CREED Secondary Teacher - Hunter Christian School

"Each year, the Hunter Christian School organises a Japanese Celebration Day for the Year 7 students. This year, I invited Mr Stephen Grant, students from his Dojo and his wife, Mika, to come to the school as a part of Global Language and Culture.

Mr Grant, with the assistance of his students, instructed the Year 7 students on how to enter a Dojo or Dojo-like space, involving removing shoes, paying respect and bowing. The students learned about physicality, movement and height, with some warm-up techniques before a Martial Arts demonstration. Mr Grant instructed the students on how he conducts his training and what is expected of students at Shikishimakan. I was highly impressed by the students of Shikishimakan, with their obvious dedication, hard work and training, inspiring Year 7 but also providing them with education in Japanese culture. Mr Grant also gave Year 7 some invaluable lessons regarding fights or fighting in the real world and self-defence. Year 7 were excited, inspired and grateful for the morning and the demonstration.

The students then left the hall and entered the Food Tech area where Mika Grant taught the students how to make sushi rolls. This was a dream come true, as the students all year had been requesting to make Japanese food. Students learned about the vinegared rice, nori, Teriyaki chicken and vegetables and how best to assemble these. I can speak for everyone, as we had an excellent and enjoyable morning, ending with a big arigatou gozaimasu and a bow from the students. I am looking forward to another visit from Global Language and Culture next year."


Global Language and Culture (GLAC) was established in 2002 as a bridge between Australia and Japan.

Our services include Japanese language and culture education, martial arts, proofreading and homestay organisation for the Australian-Japanese market.

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